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Posted on Wed Nov 15th, 2023 @ 2:45am by Lieutenant Commander Trriston Solarr & Lieutenant JG Jonathan (Jon) Riley

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Mission: Mission 1: Relaunch

Trriston decided it was past time for him to meet the Chief of Intelligence and establish a relationship that would, hopefully, prove to be beneficial to both departments. After getting his location from the computer, Trriston went to Lieutenant Riley's office, hoping that meeting him on his "home ground" would make him more comfortable and more willing to agree to Trriston's request.

Trriston pushed the chime button and waited patiently to be admitted.

Jon looked up from a report on his computer terminal "Yes?" he wasn't expecting anyone.

Trriston walked in with a smile, "Grreetings, Lieutenant. Do you have a moment to talk?"

"Always, what can I do for you?" Jon said as he closed the file he was working on.

“As the chief of securrity, it is my job to prrotect this ship and its crrew. I would apprreciate it, and be verry grrateful, if you would pass on any intelligence you gatherr that might affect the ship, its crrew, orr any mission we might be on. It would be a grreat help in carrrying out my rresponsibilities. I will, of courrse, be passing on anything that I think you should know as well.” Trriston hoped that his request would be granted and wouldn’t offend the intelligence officer. He had met some through the years who got very upset if anyone who wasn’t in the intelligence service even hinted at sharing intel.

Jon looked across at his counterpart, "Each situation is going to be different, some cases until we are in the situation information may not be released, but in others it may be discussed in the proper forum, especially where the risks are too high to not be discussed, but the captain and I will review each situation as needed."

“I underrstand,” Trriston replied. “I expect that most of what you gatherr you won’t be able to sharre with anyone, perrhaps not even the captain. I’m only hoping that some of the intel that perrtains to keeping the ship and crrew securre can be sharred. That sharreable intel is what I am hoping you would be willing to pass on to me.”

Jon paused, "It wouldn't be anything less, I'm not going to compromise the safety of the crew."

"I’m pleased to hearr you say that," Trriston replied. "Some of the intelligence officerrs I’ve met have put theirr secrrets and secrrecy above everrything else, including the safety of the ship and herr crrew." Deciding that the meeting had done what it needed to, he nodded with a grateful smile, "Thank you, Lieutenant. I look forrward to worrking with you."

"Considering the current state of affairs I'm not going to compromise the safety of the crew." Jon said "I hope that relieves some of your concerns."

"It does," Trriston replied confidently. "I can tell that you arre a man of yourr worrd, and arre as concerrned with the safety of the ship and herr crerw as I am. Thank you again, Lieutenant. This has been a verry good meeting. Take carre and happy hunting." Trriston nodded with a smile before returning to his office.


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