going on Duty

Posted on Fri Dec 29th, 2023 @ 11:56am by Lieutenant JG Christine Childers

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Mission: Mission 1: Relaunch
Location: Christines home- Earth


After her previous failed assignment, Christine had returned to Earth to attend to some family business as she looked out of the window she noticed a shuttle approaching her home, although she knew that she was on leave Christine knew that she could be recalled at any time and today was the day. As she watched it land in her yard, Christine walked to the front porch and waited for the shuttle occupant to arrive.

As the shuttle landed, Admiral Jenkins looked at the PADD in his hand and he knew that he had to ask the officer in question to help him after all he had called her incompetent and that she did not know what she was doing, but after these last six months of her reports, he had found that he had been in the wrong and had pushed for her new assignment to the USS Hampshire-B.

As he strode down the path towards her house, he wondered how she would take it from him of how he had treated her the last time he had seen her, he came to a stop and said,” Lieutenant Childers, I have come to give you your new assignment,” as he looked back at her. He continued,” I am also very sorry for the treatment I gave you the last time we spoke,”

“ Admiral,” replied Christine looking back at him, she stated,” The last time we spoke you said I was useless,” she folded her arms as she was not happy with him standing on her porch today the least, she finished,” and now I am a Civilian again you can not do anything,” as she began to turn from him and enter her house.

The admiral replied, “I have reactivated your status as active as of now,” as he watched her spin back around to face him with slight anger on her face, he stated,” You are to report to the USS Hampshire-B as its Chief Operations Officer under the command of Commodore Jack Pike,”

“You can not do that,” replied Christine giving him a growl that a Klingon would be proud of, she continued, “ You forced me out of Starfleet and now you want me back?” looking at him. This was a surprise, to say the least, the Admiral that had made her feel unwanted now was here wanting her back.

“ I can and I have Lieutenant,” he stated as he glanced back at her, he stated, You have four days to get ready and reach your new ship,” he turned to leave, and said “ I made a mistake Christine, and I have pushed for you to this to make up for my mistake,” he concluded,” I hope you will forgive me,” as he headed back towards his shuttle.

As Christine watched the Admiral back to the shuttle, she noticed that he had come here suffering with guilt and a touch of hubris, and now here she was back in Starfleet with a Department head spot on a ship once more. She turned and headed back inside to pack, she thought to herself oO Well, here we go again, Oo


Lt Jg Christine Childers
Chief Ops
USS Hampshire-B



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