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Lieutenant JG Jonathan (Jon) Riley

Name Jonathan (Jon) David Riley

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 184 cm
Weight 92.5 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Jonathan is average in appearance, his thin frame and dark hair along with his piercing grey eyes, not overly muscular but generally a well kept appearance that often sparks interest of interested parties.


Spouse None
Children None
Father David (Estranged)
Mother Colleen (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Elizabeth (Liz)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jonathan is often thought of a charismatic presence in the room, he's called a natural leader, he doesn't think so. He doesn't like the spotlight, even when it's well deserved he doesn't like taking sole credit.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jonathan has a mix of ambition, from maybe seeking command too just being the best he can in his duties. He decided early on that he wouldn't force things in life, he'd go where to opportunity was. His nemesis is the phrase "Very ambitious, but no clear goals."
Ambitions Despite being well liked, he never shows a clear ambition. He's already bridge officer qualified, a skilled operative and even known too take on research. But it's like he lacks direction or something.
Hobbies & Interests Jonathan is an avid skier, he's known too have skied both on the holodeck and in real life several of the most notable mountains. His interests have in past included cooking and reading older books on a vast selection of topics.

Personal History Jonathan Riley is the older child of David and Colleen Riley, born on Earth in the North American Territory area historically called Alberta he made full use of the whole experience, hiking, skiing, and camping in the numerous parks and rec areas.

Through out his teens into his first year at the academy he was well liked, rarely was he without a romantic companion. But he ran into some controversy during his second year in the academy.

Rather racy rumors flew around many of the dorms that Jonathan had become romantically involved with a Female instructor. Despite repeated denials the accusations continued, even went so far as a low quality holo-image surfacing. The image was brought into question in it's authenticity during the subsequent investigation, but despite the eventual acquittal Jonathan had too much reputational damage.

Jon found himself in a social limbo, he was doing well on an academic level, but the scandal left him an outsider. Figuring what plans he had were basically in the trash he enrolled in some intelligence classes thinking he could find some direction.

Most of the classes were attended by what some of the overall class called the outsiders. Jonathan despite some initial friendly jabs found something he could be good at, but little did he know he was actually very good. In the group of thirty he was second, a good showing considering the personal pressures.

Jonathan got posted too outpost 22 as a encryption and communications specialist, his unique approach too cracking some of the coded messages got him noticed by the outpost commander, who increasingly called upon in difficult situations.

During a high tension matter where a fringe Romulan group attempted too lay siege too the outpost Jonathan discovered that the ships being used were very old designs that had a lesser known vulnerability. This resulted in a citation, and several other awards.

His assignment at the outpost ended he was assigned too one of many Romulan desks at the intelligence head quarters, his assignment was to identify and track the large number of ships moving along the neutral zone.

In the 145 days that he was on this task force he found a total of 50 ships of several different classifications. The assignment found Jonathan making several times going into the field investigating the large number of ships.

Seeing that it would be measurably easier too conduct his own field research if he had a ship he took the bridge officers exams to further facilitate his ambitions. Despite the fact he did pass the testing his superiors felt that he should return too field duty to broaden his skills and too find a clear focus.
Service Record Star Fleet Academy: Intelligence Service graduate.

Outpost 22

Star Fleet intelligence headquarters:
Romulan Task force; Fleet movement desk.

(Leave of absence)
- New assignment pending.