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The Intelligence officer

Posted on Sat Nov 4th, 2023 @ 9:21am by Commodore Jack Pike & Lieutenant JG Jonathan (Jon) Riley

374 words; about a 2 minute read

Mission: Mission 1: Relaunch
Location: Captain's ready room
Timeline: (TBD)


The transport ship Matador had barely been docked for thirty minutes when Jon had been called to transport over too the New Hampshire. Jon was puzzled at the but was aware that he'd been assigned by Intelligence not by normal Starfleet channels so he was certain that the Commodore wanted to meet with with him, maybe even an explanation for which even he didn't have.

Materializing in the transporter Jon looked at the transporter chief, there was a crew chief there waiting for him.

"The Commadore is in the ready room." was all that he would say.

Jon hustled too the main turbolift too the bridge, the low hum of the lift zooming it's way too the bridge was the only accompaniment. The lift slowed and the doors opened, Jon entered the bridge and moved too the door of the ready room where he pressed the door chime announcing his arrival.

Jack was sitting behind his desk "Enter."

Jon walked in to the room in a partial military stride, "Lieutenant Jonathan Riley reporting in sir." He said as he stood at attention.

Jack stood up holding out his hand "Welcome to the New Hampshire Mr. Riley."

"Thank you sir." Jon said standing at attention.

Jack nodded then sat back down "Please have a seat Mr. Riley."

"Thank you sir." Jon looked around at the office as he took a seat.

Jack sat there watching the officer for a moment "So....what are your career goals in Star Fleet?"

Jon took a second, his thoughts were fairly straightforward, "After a four month leave of absence I'd like too prove that I'm a capable officer, maybe attempt to bridge officers exams again, and see where that takes me."

"You never know what could happen Mr. Riley."

Jon shifted sensing a change in the conversation, "I am aware of what most captains expect from their respective intel chief's, what will be different here?"

"Just what any normal intelligence officer would be for Star Fleet." Jack shrugged "Not like I am a slave driver or anything."

Jon smiled "That's a relief." pausing "How long before we depart the starbase?"

Jack thought for a second "Probably in 24 to 48 hours. That will be all Mr. Riley, you are dismissed."


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