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Posted on Fri Aug 4th, 2023 @ 10:30pm by Commodore Jack Pike & Commander Vina Lokai & Lieutenant Commander Trriston Solarr & Lieutenant Bolin Ziraf & Lieutenant JG Sarissa Aloran

1,156 words; about a 6 minute read

Mission: Mission 1: Relaunch
Location: Observation Lounge

Jack was sitting in the observation lounge already with a cup of Hawaiian blend coffee and the latest reports. tapping the comm "Pike to senior staff, please report to the observation lounge."

Trriston tapped his comm badge to reply, “Lieutenant Commanderr Solarr here, on my way, sirr.” Trriston checked his console to make sure everything was in order before locking it. He then got in the nearest turbo-lift, “Obserrvation Lounge.” As the turbo-lift hummed away he began to feel a little nervous about his first meeting as third in command. He shook himself as he would to shake off water, settling his nerves.

When the lift doors opened, he went straight into the lounge and stood at the end of the table. “Lieutenant Commander Solarr, rreporting as orrdered, sirr.”

Next in the door was Sarissa, as always, she brought along a PADD on which to make notes if they were necessary. “Commodore, Commander” She smiled warmly as she took a seat.

Jack looked up "Hello Mr. Solarr, Lieutenant, please feel free to grab something from the replicator before we start."

“Thank you, Sir” Sarissa nodded deciding to get herself a drink before the briefing started. She headed across to the replicator and ordered a chilled lemonade before she returned to the table and re-took her seat.

Dr. Romaine walked in with the XO, Vina Lokai. They could be heard laughing. They both grabbed a cup of tea and sat down in their usual places with Mutara's spouse, Jack in the middle. They sat quietly, waiting for it to begin.

Trriston went to the replicator and got a mug of hot chocolate with a little whipped cream and some cinnamon. He took it to his seat, stirring in the whipped cream and cinnamon. He took a sip and purred, enjoying one of his favorite drinks while he waited.

Lieutenant Bolin Ziraf snuck in quietly. He noticed the large Trrugar preparing a warm drink. The Bolian engineer couldn't help but follow suit.

"G'day sir", Bolin told Trriston with a curt nod before ordering a black coffee at an adjacent replicator. He was excited to take part in his first briefing aboard the New Hampshire. Large bright blue hands gripped the warm cup as he sipped. The caffeine from his drink made his heart race along with the excitement of his new assignment.

Lt. Ziraf followed Lt. Cmdr. Solarr towards the seats and sat nearby.

Trriston nodded his head in reply, “Grreetings, Lieutenant.”

Jack looked around "So it looks like everyone is all here now." He tapped a couple buttons on the nearby console bringing up a planet. "It looks like our first mission will be an aid mission of supplies. The planet that we will be going to will be in the Carraya system."

Bolin took note of the fact that this was an aid mission. If supplies were being ferried, the locals might also need the help of his engineers. He made a note to inquire with them more about their needs.

"Carraya… That's fairly remote space, isn't it sir?" The Bolian continued, sure he'd heard something about Romulan and Klingon encampments in that sector before. In truth, Bolin would be excited to visit such a locale.

Jack nodded "That is correct, we will actually be going to Carraya VI, it has just been found out to be actually livable there."

Bolians were known for being chatty, especially when searching for information. "What will the colonists be like, sir? A Federation colony?" Lt. Ziraf couldn't help but ask the two questions. If certain rumors about the sector were true, it could be a dangerous mission.

Sarissa sat taking in the information, she was curious to know the answer to Ziraf’s questions as well.

Jack shrugged "I currently don't have information on the colony except that it's a mix of Federation and others. Even some Klingons and possibly a few Romulans as well."

“That’s interesting in itself Sir” Sarissa smiled. “If this colony has found a way to live in peace together, it’ll be a shining example to others.”

Jack chuckled "I don't know about all of that really, from a report that I have read, one Klingon and one Romulan got arrested for fighting."

“I’m surprrised that’s all it was, given theirr peoples’ historry,” Trriston said, already arranging his security teams in his head. “What sorrt of aid and supplies will we be prroviding, sirr?”

Jack looked towards his security chief "I am as well, but it is possible that we are seeing a change in things." He looked over the pad in front of him "From what I have been told they will need medical and engineering, It looks like their replicator was damaged badly."

"Engineering is standing by to fully assist them", said Lt. Ziraf. "We'll make sure their needs are tended to. Especially if they've taken damage. What happened there, sir?"

Jack shook his head "It is unknown on what happened. Some are thinking that there is a really good chance that it was sabotaged."

"Understood, sir", said Lt. Bolin Ziraf. "As we analyze the replicator, we should be able to tell if it's been sabotaged. Expect a full Engineering report, sir."

Jack nodded "Does anyone else have any questions or anything that want to discuss about this mission?"

"I have thrree questions, sirr. What makes them think it was sabotage; do they have any suspects; and do you want me and my team to conduct an investigation, with orr separrate frrom any local investigation?" Trriston asked, adding a mental note to assign guards for the engineering teams until sabotage was disproved or the saboteur had been caught.

Jack looked to his security chief "There has been a report that some are not too happy about all of this settlement and have tried to end it in some ways. Currently, there aren't any for sure suspects. Wouldn't hurt to do our own investigation as well."

"I agrree, sirr. I'll have a team rready by the time we arrrive." Trriston tapped in a few notes on his PADD while keeping his ears open to hear what else, if anything, was said.

"All is understood on my end, sir", Lt. Ziraf said to the Captain. His own PADD sat on the table in front of him.

"If no one has any more questions." Jack looked around the room "Then you are all dismissed, I want all departments ready."

Trriston stood and came to attention, “Yes, sirr.” He picked up his PADD and went straight to his office to begin assembling teams for the mission.

Bolin tucked his PADD under his arm as he stood. He offered the Captain a curt nod. The Bolian was off to his office to review personnel files. He'd have to choose which officers he wanted with him on the mission. Lt. Ziraf left through the door with an audible whisk.

Jack sat there watching everyone leave.


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